• Ashley Jones

Choosing a Wedding DJ

Choosing your wedding DJ seems like a really tricky thing! You can end up with some cheesy old guy playing "Agadoo" and "YMCA" or some spotty "club DJ" who only plays what they want, with a very limited knowledge of the things that could cater for all your family and friends!

It doesn't have to be a tricky decision. Putting some effort in will avoiding it! You need to meet your actual DJ face to face and talk to them about the music that you and your family love. There's not much point in giving someone a list of your favourite tunes if they don't know what would naturally go after those tunes!

I bet you don't know that there are DJ forums where every week someone is posting things like "I have a wedding this weekend but I don't know what to play after ....." or "anyone available to cover this weekend?" and its first come first served meaning the customer hasn't got a clue who's about to turn up with what equipment.! Don't be one of those couples who have booked that guy!

Good luck!

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