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Booking Procedure

The steps to creating events.
(This is our booking process for private customers for venues or contractors please get in contact)

Secure a Booking:
Enquiry > Estimate > Contract > Booking Fee > Date Secured.

Final Details:
(Around 55 days prior to the event date we will ask to arrange a meeting with yourself to discuss the finer details of your booking)
Logistics > Running Order > Service Related Questions, Options & Preferences.

Booking Fee > Remaining Balance (30 days prior event date)

In some cases we may need to contact the venue to check setup availability or supply any required paperwork.

Event Day:
Arrival & unload > Setup > Event > Pack Down.


For us to be able to quote your event there's a few things we need have in place first.

1. We need to set you up as a customer. This involves supplying some details for our records, estimates & invoices. Typically we'll need: your name, your address, a contact email and contact telephone number (we don't sell any details please check our GDPR policy).

2. We need your choice of venue and address as there are a number of venues that share the same name but are situated in different areas. We also require these details to work out the transport costs too and from the venue and to also find out if access may present issues for some of the larger services we offer.

3. We need to know what services your interested in hiring. Probably the most obvious requirement but from time to time we do get a message that just states "how much do you charge?"

In some cases we may require to contact you regarding further information but usually that's enough for us to get an estimate together.


When your details have been received and a member of staff reviews your online quote form or enquiry, First we check our availability, then we check your request exceeds the £500 minimum order, your estimate will then be put together and sent over.

On the estimate email you will find confirmation of your personal details, confirmation of venue, a breakdown of costings, travel expenses, any discounts you may be eligible for, booking fee amount, and the remaining balance.

At the bottom of the estimate email there's a link that will take you to the next step of the booking process, agreement of contract, terms & conditions.


The link at the bottom of the estimate brings you to our contract with terms and conditions.

By agreeing to this document you are entering an agreement between A J Events Services Ltd & yourself (the client).

Once this document has been signed our system will automatically send out an email with your login details to your account and the different ways to pay the booking fee.

Booking Fee

Once the contract has been signed the system automatically will send out an email with ways to pay the booking fee.
The booking fee is 20% of the booking total by paying this figure your securing the date for the services your booking and confirming the booking.

The booking fee is non refundable upon cancelation.  

Remaining balance is due to be paid at lease 30 days prior to the event date.

For enquiry's made within 30 days of the event date full payment is required to secure the booking.


Once booking fee / full payment has been received the system will send out two emails. One will be a receipt of payment and the second will be your confirmation email. This email confirms the details for your booking. 

Final Details

55 Days prior to the event date our system will automatically send out an email to arrange a meeting with us. 

We can arrange:

  • Face to face meetings at your events venue or a suitable location.

  • Video call via Zoom chat.

  • Packages that don't require visual options can be done over the phone.

We hold meetings Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
(providing there's no events booked in) between 11am and 9pm.

What can you expect from the final meeting with us?

Logistics & Timeline 
We will discuss the venue availability times for access & setup, event timeline.

Service related questions
We will discuss any options and questions related to the services booked, also any setup preferences.

DJ & Hosting Services (if booked)
We will discuss music preferences, double check details for announcements, the event running order, preferred area of setup, and answer any questions you may have.

Photobooth & Magic Mirror (if booked)
We will discuss the options around the print design including any text on the photo, choice of backdrop for mirror and where your preferred area of setup will be at the venue.

Some bigger packages/events may involve further planning.

Please reply to this email with your preferred method of contact and we'll get a time scheduled in at your earliest convenience.

Remaining Balance

30 days prior the event date the remaining balance is due. Our system dose send out reminder emails on the approach to this date.

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