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Wedding DJ Hire | South Wales

At A J Events Services we ensure a quality wedding DJ hire service personalised to your unique requirements. Our wedding DJ's have a wealth of experience and have been entertaining brides & grooms in Cardiff and the South Wales areas for 20+ years.

The wedding DJ play's a major role on your big day. Wedding DJs do more than just play music, much of what they do takes place before they even get to your venue.

White Wedding DJ setup with dry ice first dance, giant LOVE letters, and white twinkling d

The wedding DJ play's a major role on your big day. We believe wedding DJs do more than just play music, much of what we do takes place before they even get to your venue.

Planning Meeting:

Prior to the date we arrange a meeting to discuss the running order of the time your hiring us for, ensure introductions are as preferred and correct, plan the first dances, discuss your music preferences and if your allowing your guests to make requests.

​Song List Planning:

On your online account we have a song request list maker that we advise customers to add a few of their dance favourites, by learning your dance music preferences, we get a better idea of what genres you like so we can throw in some surprises.

The Host:

Making vital announcements, introductions and ensuring you stay on schedule, having a good personality is key for a wedding DJ.

​Atmosphere Check:

Setting the right vibe and atmosphere is what sets wedding DJs apart from other types of DJs. Unlike a nightclub, which is usually a younger crowd, your wedding guests will consist of family and friends from all generations and walks of life. Finding ways of keeping all these people dancing can be easier said than done. I don’t know about you, but I can hit “Shuffle” on a playlist of all my favourite songs and still end up pressing “Skip” multiple times! Being a wedding DJ requires the ability to read the vibe of the room and create a playlist on the fly that keeps everyone on the dance floor.

Our aim is to give our customers a first class service. We want to make sure you and your guests have a great time, just like these guys...

DJ Setups

Witness the enchantment of our Wedding DJ setups, where music and ambiance intertwine to create unforgettable moments. At A J Events Services, we pride ourselves on crafting dreamlike settings tailored to each couple's unique love story. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere, brought to life through state-of-the-art sound systems and mesmerizing lighting displays. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, our expertly designed setups transform any venue into a magical space, leaving you and your guests spellbound. Experience the essence of romance and rhythm, making your special day an extraordinary symphony of love and joy.

The Equipment: Where Innovation Meets Safety
Check List pent and tick boxes

Behind every electrifying mix is top-tier equipment that takes the experience to the next level. We spare no expense when it comes to sound quality and safety. Our arsenal includes equipment from the finest manufacturers, delivering crisp highs, deep lows, and a sonic clarity that's second to none. Safety is paramount, which is why we're proud to be PAT certified and carry £10,000,000 in public liability insurance. Additionally, our dedication to safety extends to risk assessments for the equipment, ensuring your celebration is as secure as it is sensational.

Meet the DJs: Masters of Sonic Craft

Our DJs are more than just music selectors; they're maestros of sound, sculpting sonic landscapes that captivate and compel. With years of experience, a keen understanding of diverse genres, and an innate ability to read the crowd, our DJs are the driving force behind the magic we create. They effortlessly blend tracks, mix beats, and command the atmosphere, ensuring every beat drop resonates with the hearts of your guests. Our commitment to professionalism and the art of DJing is what sets our team apart, guaranteeing a performance that's a symphony of excitement.

Area of Coverage: South Wales and Beyond

From the vibrant heart of South Wales to the outskirts of its surrounding areas, our beats know no bounds. We're thrilled to serve the communities that have welcomed us with open arms, infusing every corner with the energy of music. While we're committed to bringing the party to your doorstep, our transport fee is calculated based on the distance between our hub and your chosen venue. This ensures we can keep the beats flowing and the dance floor thumping, no matter where you're celebrating.

Booking A Package With Us

Discover the art of convenience with our thoughtfully designed packages or embark on a journey of customization. Unlock exceptional savings as you customize your package.

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