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Wedding Day Music & Host

Ceremony Music

Music is a significant part of a wedding. It's also a great way set the mood your trying to create.


In Britain the ceremony music is sectioned into three sections, Pre-ceremony (arrival of guests), Processional (bridal party entry & signing of register) and Recessional (exit).

Pre-ceremony: This is the guest and groom / groomsmen arrival section typically you would want music representing the theme of the wedding you desire but toned down a few notches. You should think about creating anticipation for what comes next.

Processional: The part where all your guests hold their breaths with anticipation for a glimpse of the bride and the dress that been a mystery for the lead up to the date naturally you would want a piece of music to compliment this. Also in this section would be a piece of music for signing of schedule (signing the register), typically songs are chosen to reflect the bond of the two people dedicating there lives to each other. In some cases readings are made in the processional section, we can also provide mics for any readings or live singers.


(please note: there are rules and regulations as to what can de lawfully played at the ceremony please check with your registrar for your local regulations.)

Recessional: After experiencing and your guests witnessing a wonderful union of two lives naturally you would want to compliment this with music to match the mood, usually something upbeat and joyous.

We can provide a discreet sound system not to look out of place.

Wedding Breakfast Music

Music has the power to change moods and create different atmospheres, sometimes not even realising its happening. The background music throughout the wedding breakfast may not be on the top of the wedding to do list but it dose play a vital part in setting the mood between the ceremony and the evening celebrations.

We'll put a playlist of music to be played at a background level whilst the wedding breakfast is taking place.


Ever been to a wedding and there's that awkward blank space between speeches or the uncertainty of who goes next? From the bridal party introduction to the end of the speeches along with any required announcements we'll be there to make things flow.

Discreet wedding breakfast music setup at craig y nos castle
discreet wedding ceremony music setup at peterstone court
Area of Coverage: South Wales and Beyond

From the vibrant heart of South Wales to the outskirts of its surrounding areas, our beats know no bounds. We're thrilled to serve the local communities and communities from further afield. While we're committed to bringing the party to you, our transport fee is calculated based on the distance between our hub and your chosen venue. 

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