A J Events Services Ltd is a bespoke entertainment and events based smack bang center of South Wales.

We are a family run company that’s been operating as a limited company since January 2019 but have all been in the events & entertainment industry for over 20 years.

When you initially contact us,  you will be greeted by Ashley or Samantha (depending on who’s in the office at the time). We like to provide a personal touch to the company.   

Our home office is out of our home in the Darren Valley, along with a storage unit where our company equipment is stored. 

Ashley started in the entertainment side of the industry in 2002 at the age of 15 as a mobile DJ, he moved on to become a club DJ and worked a few seasons overseas. Ashley then set up as a mobile disco DJ, DJing a wedding, Birthday Parties, anniversary and themed nights. Over the years of working alongside the pros, Ashley learned the art of audio engineering, lighting design, @ Ystrad Mynach College completed electrical installation & repairs, and PAT testing course @ Control 2K

Samantha comes from an admin and events management background where she has worked in pubs and clubs for over 15 years, where she event managed all manner of parties, gigs, and events. She is the administrator of the business and is working towards a qualification in wedding and events management. 

Over the years both Ashley & Samantha have entertained, hosted and managed events of all categories and sizes. They have also worked alongside venues event/wedding coordinators, across South Wales and have gained preferred supplier status with many due to reliability, experience, and use of high-quality equipment.

A J Events Services Ltd was formed to create & manage bespoke, stress-free event packages with the highest standard of service. A J Events Services supplies a wide range of in house services but also works closely with local subcontractor companies not just for the services we are unable to provide but also for added security (in case of emergencies, we got every eventuality covered).

We are fully insured carrying PLI and up to date PAT Certificates. We can also arrange to carry out a risk assessment of our services on-site (venue) prior to the event date.

Meet the Team


Please welcome to the stage the Director, Audio Engineer, Lighting Engineer and extremely awesome DJ Ash Jones!


Just kidding, I'm just awesome not extremely awesome. :-D

All jokes aside, I'm going to tell you a little of how I got to where I am today. So here goes...

I have been a DJ for over 17 years entertaining crowds of all sizes not just across the UK but overseas too. Over the years I have collected thousands of singles & albums and become quite a connoisseur of music.


Whats makes me different from everyone else? The multi-genre transitioning! Some of you are now reading this thinking this guy is speaking another language. I'll explain. It's the ability to mix music in such a way that the atmosphere is moved from one track in one genre to another track in another genre seamlessly, without the audience missing beat. I'm not a DJ who is always on the mic my personal opinion is someone talking between every track spoils the show. let the music do the talking. On the flip side to this, I'm certainly not mic shy. Announcements will be made at necessary points throughout the evening or where requested. For more info on hiring me as a DJ, the mobile discos & add-ons we have available, please visit our Dj & Mobile Disco Page.

I get funny looks when I tell people who know me ad a DJ that I'm also an audio engineer and electrical engineer. I suppose it's rare to find a DJ passionate about sound rather than trying to kill speakers by pushing as much volume through speakers as possible. For more info on audio engineering please visit our P.A System Hire page.


The love came for sound in lighting volunteering in panto as a child and it all grew from there I have trained and work alongside some of the best engineers in the business over the years and was also very lucky to meet some famous and talented people along the way.

After years of working alongside and for other people in Jan 2019, I decided to take the plunge and go self-employed in the events industry, and turn my passion into a career. 

Yes, I'm the boss! :-D


Forget the formalities of director, engineer, and DJ arrange a meeting with us today and let's discuss your event and how we can help you over a good brew.

For more information on hiring me as a DJ and the mobile disco options please tap the button below.

Samantha Taylor

I’m not always in front of the mirror, trying on props and taking selfies… I’m there to make sure that you and all your guest understand how to use the mirror and to get the best pictures, as we don’t want a huge queue at the mirror, we shall leave the queueing for the ladies toilets. 

I have worked in the events and entertainment industry for the past 16 years and loved every second, of watching the enjoyment on people’s faces, and we want to make sure that’s what you get when you book with us.


However, I am not only working in front of the mirror, I love spreadsheets and highlighters, so I am the admin assistant behind the business. That means that when you call or email us you could be to speak to me or Ash, so if you are lucky and get to speak to me I can’t wait to get the ball rolling to start your event planning.



01. Inquiry Stage & Consultation Meeting

First, we'll have a chat and gather some info about you and the event in question. We'll discuss things like your event goals, budget and what is realistic for your budget. We advise booking in a consultation meeting with us to discuss face to face but if that's not an option we can also proceed via email.

02. Estimate & Contract Stage

Once we've established the basics and got all your requirements on the system, our system will then send you an email with two main parts to the booking process. The first part will be the estimate for our services, the second part will be the contract with terms & conditions. To confirm the booking, the booking fee (which is 20% of the total booking) must be received by us and also the link in the email must be followed and terms and conditions must be agreed.

03. Booking Confirmation Stage

Once we have received your booking fee and signed contract (T's & C's) we will then send out your booking confirmation and your booking becomes live. You will then have access to your online account and all the event planning tools we provide. 

04. Fine Details & Reminder Stage

Closer to the date we'll be in contact to gather some of the finer details for your event and also send out reminders for any outstanding balance.

05. Your Event Stage

Your event will take place.

06. Post Event Stage

We will be in contact after the event to request a review and enquire about what you thought of our services.